Replacement Adhesives for Infinity™ Glass Irises (4 Pairs)

Our premium adhesive glass irises come with very durable sticky backs and, with careful handling, last a long time through many iris changes. However, just like any kind of sticker, eventually the adhesive may start to wear out. At that point you can either glue the irises in permanently (we recommend using a tiny dot of super glue), OR you can replace them with new adhesives! 

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: To replace the adhesive backs, very carefully remove the original adhesives circles with a sharp pair of tweezers. Peel them off really gently to prevent the iris color separating from the glass. It's important to remove the original adhesive because if you simply layer on the new adhesive, double-adhesive layers will likely make the iris too thick and prevent the eyes from opening and closing properly. After you've removed the original adhesive, peel off one paper side of the new adhesive circle using a fingernail, apply firmly to the back of the iris, then peel off the remaining paper using the tweezers. 

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