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Premium Glass Inset Doll Eyes – Ocean (Size Medium)

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Beautiful high quality glass doll eyes! Incredibly detailed, exquisitely handcrafted for Beautifully Custom. These are fixed non-moving eyes and feature a smooth oval shape with a flat back. They have a low dome glass iris that enhances the color and reflects the light so wonderfully. These eyes look so real! They will give your doll an exquisite lifelike appearance.

SIZE MEDIUM is approximately 18 – 18.5mm wide. This size fits second-edition Glitter Girls dolls (the ones with bigger eyes and bendable limbs), and a variety of BJD and reborn dolls. If you are installing our glass eyes in a vinyl doll like Glitter Girls, please see our tutorials page to learn how.

Our deluxe eyelashes are not included with the eyes but may be purchased separately.

Due to the intricate craft of creating glass eyes, please note that insignificant variations in color, pattern, shape and size may be present, as well as tiny cosmetic imperfections (including occasional thin lines of crazing, almost microscopic air bubbles or random specks) that lend to a more handcrafted appearance. Small irregularities like this are considered normal.

Includes one pair of doll eyes. No dolls, wigs, eyelashes, clothing, or other items included.