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Favorite Doll Eye Tool

This pretty little rainbow-colored tool is perfect for:

  • Adjusting your doll's new blinking eyes after popping them into the doll's head during an eye-swap. Use them to push on the metal case of the eye to get the eye centered in the socket. See an example in our eye-swapping video. Do be careful not to scratch the eyelid paint!

  • Removing Infinity™ Premium Adhesive Glass Irises from the base blinking eyes so you can swap them out for a new iris color. Simply hold the eyelashes up out of the way and carefully pry the iris out from the top edge. For complete instructions and video example please see our iris swapping tutorial

Includes one tool. Infinity™ doll eyes are sold separately. 

Please note that our premium customizing tools are designed for mature collectors and doll artists and are not toys. Doll customization is not intended for children.

All products are final sale, no returns accepted.

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