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Blizzard Gray - Standard Co-op Open/Close Doll Eyes (Light Tan Eyelids)

In Stock Now
In Stock Now

Presented to you by our exclusive Doll Wig Co-op (DWC)

These are the exact same curled-lashes eye style you have seen popping up from many other retailers for up to $30 a pair! They are standard designed (not like our BC Premium eyes), but they are pretty and they do fit most 18" dolls including AG and OG brands. 

This version has light tan eyelids which look nice with both light skin and medium skin dolls (can be repainted to match exact tones or dark skin dolls). They have brown-black curled lashes. The back case is white, rather than black, to avoid transferring color to the doll's face on the way in.

INSTALLATION for these eyes is a little different than our Premium eyes. Since these eyes are a DEEP shape, insert them facing OUT from the doll instead of down. Wearing a glove is helpful since you will be pushing on the opening of the metal case to insert this way. See our full eye-swap tutorial for all the steps!

These eyes are great option for truly AFFORDABLE doll eyes, which is amazing for a variety of purposes--dolls on a budget, dolls for resale, practice eye-swapping, dolls that are really going to be played with. There's a lot of reasons to go with a budget-friendly option and we're excited to offer that to you through our co-op!

DWC eyes are only LIGHTLY sorted, to weed out any unusable eyes only (those that don't function properly or have really significant cosmetic flaws). Please note, to keep our co-op prices to a minimum, they are not sorted for first/seconds quality and some may have cosmetic flaws. 


IMPORTANT: Please read the full details of Doll Wig Co-op before ordering. These products are offered at wholesale prices to benefit our doll customizing community, are not sorted for first/second quality, are shipped with no extra packaging or frills, are final sale, with no cancellations or returns accepted.

Includes one pair of doll eyes. No dolls, clothing, or other items included.