Wig Size Chart

What is the correct size wig for my doll?

It is very important to measure your doll prior to purchasing wigs in order to ensure a good fit. Doll heads will vary widely in their size and shape. Please use the size chart below for reference before placing your order.

How to use this chart: “Head Size” refers to the circumference measurement of the doll’s head around the hairline, when bald and wigless. To measure your doll, wrap a flexible tape measure around your doll’s head right where you would expect to place the edges of the wig. Alternatively you can use a piece of string and then measure the string with a ruler. Please note the suggested “Dolls This Size” we have listed may vary in head size; we are using them as general suggestions only and do not guarantee that particular size will fit. Please measure your doll!


Please note that our wigs will fit most ideally within the center range of these measurements. For example, our size 9 wigs fit most doll heads between 9-10 inches, so the ideal head measurement would be 9.5 inches. If your doll head is right at 9 inches, it may fit slightly loose, and you could probably size down to an 8 if you don’t mind stretching the wig to get it on snugly. Likewise, if the doll’s head measures right around 10 inches, you will probably find the wig quite snug to pull on and you may be able to size up for a looser, more generous fit. Depending on whether you are gluing the wig on your dolls head, or using it temporarily with a wig cap liner, you may wish to have a tighter or looser fit. Tighter wigs require less glue for permanent attachment and they eliminate any extra bulk in the cap for a true fit-like-a-glove appearance. Looser wigs allow easier on/off for temporarily use and will have enough room underneath for a cap liner.

Please note that wigs with flesh plate skin tops provide less stretch than wigs with sewn hair parts. On skin top wigs, in particular, we recommend sizing up if your doll head is at the upper limit of a wig size.

Another fact to remember when choosing a wig size is that doll head shape will vary, and this can affect the fit of a wig. For example, some dolls will have larger heads on the top and will narrow at the hairline; if this is the case, you will want to be sure the wig can fit to stretch over the widest part of the head. In another scenario, the doll may have an especially tall/deep head, which may require sizing up to accommodate for the larger depth, and an adjustment to the wig cap edge (such as using a safety pin to gather it at the back) to make it fit properly. On the other hand, if your doll has a very shallow/short head, you can fill the extra space in the depth of the cap by placing fleece or felt fabric pieces inside the cap to the appropriate thickness.

How do I get the wig on?

Unless you decided on a loose fitting size, you will probably notice the wig fits snugly–more like a glove, than a hat. If you try placing a snug fitting wig on like you would a hat, you may wonder how this wig could ever fit your doll! The easiest way to put a new wig on your doll’s head is to place the front of the wig where it goes at the hairline above the forehead, then turn the doll head upside down. While holding the doll head and the front of the wig firmly with one hand, use the other hand to pull “up and over” on the back and side edges of the wig. You may have to pull firmly to get it over the dolls head, stretching the wig to its max while it goes over the largest portion of the dolls head and finally fitting perfectly at the hairline. To see this process in action, please see our rewigging video tutorial.

Can I return the wig if it doesn’t fit?

Due to the nature of our products we are not able to offer our doll wigs for trial purposes. We do not accept returns on opened or used wigs. We have, however, provided extensive information on this page and in our listings to help you choose the correct fit for your doll. If you have already read the information above and viewed our video tutorial on placing the wig, and are still having trouble fitting the wig on your doll, please email us to help troubleshoot the issue. Please remember to include the head measurements of your doll (circumference, ear to ear, front to back).