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Do you offer custom made-to-order wigs?

At this time we do not offer this service, however we are always open to considering new ideas for our wig line. If you have a suggestion for particular color or style, please feel free to contact us.

How often do you stock new wigs?

Our wigs are very limited and only produced in small quantities. For updates and to be notified when we stock new wigs, please subscribe to our email newsletter.

How do I fit the wig on my doll’s head? How do I glue it permanently, or attach it temporarily?

You can find our full rewigging tutorials for answers to these questions here.

Can the wigs be used temporarily without gluing them on?

Yes. Temporarily placed wigs may not hold well for hair styling/play, but they work well for models, photographs, and display. Our wigs will not fit over existing doll hair, so the original hair will need to be removed first. If you want to use our wigs temporarily, please use a wig cap liner underneath the wig or seal the doll's head with a layer of varnish or silicone. This will help the wig stay a little better and also protects the vinyl underneath the wig cap from taking in any dye from the cap fabric or thread. This is particularly recommended if the wig has a dark or bright colored wig cap. Please refer to the next FAQ for more information.

I know that dark/bright clothing can stain vinyl and resin dolls, can wigs do this too?

Our wigs are made of high quality synthetic hair fibers that have been tested for dye transfer and we have not noticed any staining issues from the hair fiber of any of our colors. However, please be aware that dyed cloth and thread, particularly dark or bright colors, are always at risk for causing dye transfer to vinyl or resin dolls. This includes wig caps, thread and elastic. If you are using our wigs temporarily without gluing them on, we suggest using a light colored cloth, wig cap liner or actual wig cap underneath the wig and/or sealing the vinyl with a protective coating (such as varnish or silicone) to prevent the possibility of staining. You can easily make a wig cap liner by using a piece of plastic wrap, or the end piece cut from a thin light-colored sock. If you do notice dye transfer on your doll, you can remove it with 10% benzoyl peroxide acne cream, covered with plastic wrap and left in the sunlight/heat.

I noticed a chemical odor when removing my wig from the packaging, will it go away?

A small selection of our wigs with ombre and other detailed coloring require stronger dyes to color them. Since they are packaged right after manufacturing, your wig may still contain some of the chemical scent associated with these dyes. Please air your wig out and the scent should dissipate within 1-2 weeks. You can also mist the wig lightly with a household product called Zero Odor to faster results.

How do you style or wash Beautifully Custom wigs?

We have full care instructions for our wigs, including how to style and wash them, here.

Where are your wigs made?

Our wigs are designed in the USA by Ashlyn Crowsey, owner of Beautifully Custom and professional doll artist. They are then intricately handcrafted in China by a private manufacturer exclusively for Beautifully Custom.

Do you offer wholesale accounts or bulk discounts?

At this time we do not. We do however have sales and promotions from time to time. You can sign up for our email newsletter to be notified of promotions, and join our Facebook group Doll Wigs by Beautifully Custom for special discounts.