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Wig Care & Styling

How to keep your Beautifully Custom doll wig looking its best!

Attaching: Please see our doll rewigging tutorial for instructions on how to attach your doll wig. If you would like to use your wig temporarily without gluing it down, please use a wig cap liner (more info on our Wig FAQ page).

Brushing: Use a wire wig brush or wire pick when combing and styling. Always brush gently to avoid split ends. Vigorous brushing can cause broken or stretched (frizzy looking) fibers. Misting hair lightly with water before brushing will help to avoid tangles and brush the hair out more smoothly. If the wig is glued on, keep water away from the wig cap to protect the glue.

Long wig care: Longer wigs need special care to style and maintain. When brushing longer wigs, divide the hair into sections and always comb the ends first and the work your way up. If there are any tangles, brushing from the top can cause further tangles and split ends. For active play with longer wigs, we recommend braiding or putting the doll’s hair up.

Curly hair care: Mist lightly with water and finger curl to maintain curls. If there are a lot of stray hairs, you can mist and then comb the curls individually with a wire brush or pick and then finger curl to reform the curls. Keep in mind that repeated brushing will loosen the curls; however, you can always set new curls (see instructions below).

Washing: Our wigs can be washed in cold or warm water with a small amount of shampoo and conditioner to clean and soften. This should be done only as needed. You can use regular shampoo/conditioner on the rare occasion that you might need to wash the wig, or if you end up needing to wash it more often, choose special shampoos and conditioners made specifically for synthetic wigs.


Classic and Ultra Plush Wigs (non-heat-safe)

Wigs made from non-heat-tolerant modacrylic kanekalon or synthetic mohair fiber.

Straightening and/or Rehydrating: To straighten and/or remove dryness normal to synthetic wigs after an extended period of regular play, wash and condition, then hot water dunk (see below for instructions) or use a flat iron on the very lowest setting while hair is thoroughly wet. Please be careful not to overheat as it can melt the fibers. However, you will not achieve proper results if it is not heated enough. If it is your first time trying, test near the ends before proceeding with the rest of the wig.

Setting curls: Mist, section, and roll hair into regular foam hair rollers. (To achieve better curls on the ends, wrap a small square of paper towel or tissue paper around the ends before rolling). Then, hot water dunk the hair while in foam rollers. Use a spoon to push the rollers under the water so they are completely immersed. Then pat any excess water off and leave the hair in rollers to dry completely (this will take 1 or 2 days). Remove rollers and you will have beautiful curls! For looser waves, instead of using rollers you can section the hair into two or three parts and braid the sections individually, hot water dunk and leave the braids in to dry completely.

How to hot water dunk: Bring water just to a boil, remove from heat and wait one minute. Pour hot water into a heat safe container or bowl, then dunk your wig into the water for 2-3 seconds. You can immerse the wig once or twice more to achieve more significant results. If you are straightening your wig, comb the hair in between each dunk. If your wig is already glued onto a doll, keep the water away from the wig cap so it does not loosen the glue.

A note on using heat for our Classic and Ultra Plush wigs: Please keep in mind that while the above heat treatments (including warm or hot water, hot water dunks, flat iron on wet hair) can work beautifully on synthetic hair when done properly, and the occasional treatment will keep your wig looking its best, they should be kept to a minimum to ensure the longevity of your wig. Heat will only occasionally be essential for softening, revitalizing, and setting new hair styles.

All the above hair care instructions can be applied to AG brand and similar synthetic doll wigs too! You can also use the above techniques on our HEAT SAFE wigs, if desired. Please see below for additional styling options for our heat safe wigs (Deluxe and Essential lines).


Essential and Deluxe Wigs (heat-safe)

Wigs made from heat-tolerant kanekalon fiber.

Please refer to the hair care guidelines provided above for ALL of our wigs, including our Essential and Deluxe lines. Additionally, our Essential and Deluxe wigs are heat tolerant and may be styled with heat (without the use of water)… up to 300° F for Essential wigs and 350° F for Deluxe wigs. You can use a flat iron, curling iron or blow drier to achieve beautiful curls, wavy or straight hair, within minutes!

Setting curls and straightening heat-safe wigs: Synthetic wigs respond to heat styling differently than human hair. Heating your synthetic wig will relax the fibers, causing the hair to straighten. As it cools, it will take whatever form it is set in. So, you cannot use a curling iron the same way to achieve curls as you would with human hair, but curling your Deluxe or Essential wig is very simple! Please refer to the video below to see how you can create a variety of curls with your heat safe wig. (Please note this video shows styling on Deluxe wigs, which are heat tolerant to 350 degrees. Essential wigs are only heat tolerant to 300 degrees.)



First, heat the hair with a flat iron, curling iron, or blow dryer. Remember not to exceed the maximum heat for your wig type (350° F for Deluxe, 300° F for Essential), and try to limit the heat to lower temperatures if possible to extend the life of your wig. It only takes a few seconds to heat the fibers. (Please do not hold the flat iron or curling iron stationary on the wig to attempt curls–this will not work, and leaving the heat on it for more than a few seconds can cause the hair to overheat and melt). While the hair is still hot, quickly roll the hair into plastic or foam hair curlers, or wrap the hair around a bendable foam curler. You can also braid the hair or twist to create different types of waves or curls. Let the hair sit approximately one minute while it cools, then let the hair out. For looser curls, use less time, and for tighter curls let the hair sit even longer (up to about five minutes) until the hair is completely cool. Some colors are more easily curled than others; if you are not able to achieve tight enough curls, try misting lightly with water before curling. To straighten out curly hair, simply use a flat iron. You can also hot water dunk our Deluxe and Essential wigs, and use any of the other styling methods typically used for classic non-heat-safe wigs.

For our “boy” or other very short styles: Basic styling can be done with a wire wig brush or your fingers. You can tame fly-aways with a spritz of water or steamer. If you decide your wig needs further styling, you can use a blow dryer or mini flat/curling iron to loosen/straighten the fibers and then mold/shape the wig while cooling to set the new style.

Caution: Synthetic hair gets very hot when heated. We recommend using heat protective styling gloves. Remember: Children should not use heat styling devices. Always follow the directions provided by the manufacturer of your heat styling device.