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How to Swap Inset Doll Eyes

Use this brief video tutorial as your guide to using our glass inset doll eyes for vinyl dolls that originally come with flat-back inset eyes. Some examples are Wellie Wishers, Hearts for Hearts, Glitter Girls, Journey Girls.

If you are changing your doll’s eyes from open/close to inset eyes (like an American Girl doll for example), or if your doll has a deeper than average eye socket for inset eyes, please refer to our other tutorial.



Some things to keep in mind:

Some dolls have harder vinyl than others. If you are not able to get the eye sockets pliable enough with the hot water method, you can use a blow dryer straight into the eye sockets. Be careful though, as the direct heat from a blow dryer can melt acrylic eyes.

If you try the eyes on any particular doll and they are not deep enough to fill the entire eye socket, you can add some silicone putty inside the eye socket before inserting the eyes to fill the gap and give the eyes a secure fit.  For more info see our tutorial for dolls with deep eye sockets.

In the event that the eye insertion causes shine marks, scratches or nicks to the vinyl surrounding the eyes (a fairly common occurrence regardless of what type of eye or doll you are using), you can use little pieces of micro mesh or model sanding sponges to buff or smooth the skin surrounding the eyes.

Depending on what kind of glue is adhering their wig, it is possible that heating the doll’s head to high temperatures may loosen the wig. Usually this will not occur with a doll’s original wig, but it may happen more frequently with dolls that have been re-wigged. Don’t worry if the wig becomes loose. You can easily re-glue any loose areas with a touch of super glue or E6000. If you are in the process of customizing a doll with a new wig and new eyes, we recommend always working on the eyes first.