How to Swap Adhesive Irises on Infinity™ Blinking Doll Eyes


This brief tutorial will show you how to swap the removable adhesive glass irises on Infinity™ Premium Blinking Doll Eyes. It's so fun to change your doll's eye color and with Infinity™ eyes you can do it in seconds!

After you've installed the base eyes (see our Eye-Swap Tutorial to learn how), reattached the doll head (see our Replacing Doll Neck String video if you're unsure how), you're all set to install whatever original iris color you choose and then swap them out at your leisure!

Our introduction video above demonstrates the easy process.

Carefully peel the irises off the packaging, and stick them into the blank iris cavities in the base eyes with a firm push. The adhesive is very secure and will hold the irises in place until you're ready to remove them.

A note on permanent irises: If you decide that you want to keep the same iris color indefinitely and do not want to iris-swap in the future, you can add a teeny-tiny dot of thin super glue to the back before pressing the iris into the base eye to hold it with a non-removable grip.

To remove the adhesive irises, we recommend using our Favorite Doll Eye Tool. First, locate the open ridge below the eyelashes where the glass iris edge is exposed. Hold the eyelashes up and, using your eye tool, very gently pry the iris out of the base eye. You can use the tool to catch onto the adhesive on the back once the iris starts to pull away so you can safely remove the iris without dropping it. Place the irises back on the packaging card and store them there until the next use.

With very careful handling, the irises can be reused many times. To further their longevity, be very cautious not to scrape the color patterns off the back of the iris with the eye tool, and be careful not to touch the adhesive on the back of the irises too much--or at all--if it can be avoided. Always keep your irises away from any type of moisture whether they are installed or separate from the base eyes. If they ever need to be cleaned or shined up, do not use water. Instead, use a tiny drop of rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip on the front of the iris, careful to avoid the back and sides.


Recommended supplies: Infinity™ Premium Blinking Doll Eyes and Adhesive Glass Irises, and our Favorite Doll Eye Tool.