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How to Replace Doll Zip-Ties with Neck String


This quick video tutorial will show you how to remove doll zip-tie neck closures and replace them with our premium Favorite Doll Neck StringIf you've wondered how to remove an American Girl Doll's head that has a hidden zip-tie in place (and how to reattach the head afterwards), this guide will show you. It's very simple! You can use the same method on many, many types of vinyl dolls. You'll need to remove the doll head for eye-swapping blinking eyes on most types of dolls, and it's recommended to remove the head for any other type of customization as well (including rewigging!). Working with the head alone makes it much easier to handle and prevents the body from becoming scuffed up during customizing. Many people also prefer the appearance of neck strings vs. bulky zip-tie closures.


Recommended supplies: Favorite Doll Neck String.