How to Paint Your Own Blank Doll Eyes

Creating your own blinking doll eyes for American Girl and other 18" dolls is so much fun! Here's a quick tutorial to get you started with our exclusive Paint Your Own blank blinking doll eyes.

One of the BEST parts of our blank irises with black inset Perfect Pupils is that you don't have to worry about painting the pupils! Getting the pupils to be evenly sized, rounded and centered is typically the hardest part of painting blank doll eyes. With our black inset Perfect Pupils™, you can skip that part completely and get right on to painting the iris color!

If you've opted for transparent paintable Perfect Pupils™, those are really easy to work with also. Simply take an eyedropper and squeeze a teeny dot of paint into the pupil cavity, or use a toothpick to dot and swirl a little bit of paint inside the hollow pupil. The pupil cavities make it so much easier to get even, centered pupils. Allow the paint to dry completely before proceeding onward to paint the iris color.

To paint the back of the irises, the process is really quite simple. All you need to do is, well, paint the back of the irises. But here are a few more tips to help refine your technique: