How to Attach Doll Eyelashes

This quick tutorial will teach you how to attach our deluxe doll eyelashes!

You will need: eyelashes, thin pointed tweezers, a toothpick, scissors (possibly) and glue.

Any kind of glue that dries clear will work. If you want a really strong hold you can swing for something industrial like E6000, but tacky glue and a number of other non-toxic glues can be used too. We do not recommend using super glue because you really want something that can be wiped or rolled off easily if it gets on the eye or the doll’s skin.

Remember to install your eyes prior to attaching lashes!


Installing Lashes with Inset Eyes

The first thing you will want to do is hold the lashes up to the top edge of your doll’s eye opening and check if they are the correct length (going in a curved shape from end to end of the eye). For most AG dolls they will already be the right size (depending on face mold), but for other brands of 18″ dolls or smaller dolls like Wellie Wishers, you may need to cut the strip of lashes to a slightly smaller length from end to end.

Next, using your toothpick apply a thin line of glue along the base strip of the eyelash. Make sure the eyelash is curling upwards and you are applying the glue to the top side of the lash base. You will probably want to hold the eyelashes with your tweezers while applying the glue.

Finally, while holding the eyelash with your tweezers, carefully (slowly!) position the eyelash along the upper curved edge of the doll’s eye socket. You want it to touch up against the doll’s eye opening lip and the glass eye itself so it creates a seamless appearance between the two. Press gently with your tweezers and the back of your fingernail to make sure the full length of the eyelash is positioned correctly and attached. If you get glue on the eye or the doll’s skin, don’t panic. Wipe the glue off or use a little rubbing alcohol to remove it when you’re done.

If you are having trouble getting the full length of the eyelash to stay in place, you might try cutting the lash strip into 2-3 pieces and attach them separately, or use a faster-adhering or stronger glue.


Installing Lashes with Open/Close Eyes 

You can also use our eyelashes with any open/close doll eyes. The easiest way to do this is actually to add them to the pre-existing lashes on the sleep eyes. This does create a double-lash effect upon close inspection but still looks quite nice especially with our perfectly sized BC lashes!

In the picture here of Nanea — an American Girl Doll — the eye on the left has one of our eyelashes added to her existing ones, and the eye on the right is unaltered so you can compare. The BC lashes add just enough to make her eyes pop without overwhelming them.

Measure the length of the eyelash base side-to-side against the doll’s original eyelashes. Cut the eyelash base strip to the same size. Don’t trim the eyelashes themselves (the tips of the hairs), unless you want them shorter. They will look great if they are a little longer than the original lashes!

Then using your toothpick apply a thin line of glue along the base strip of each eyelash. This time, make sure the eyelash is curling downwards while you are applying the glue, because you will want to glue the underside of the strip to the eyelid. Remember the eyelashes should curl upwards when attached.

Using your tweezers, position the eyelash right over top of the doll’s original lashes on the eyelid of the open/close eye, gluing the base strip to the lip of the eyelid right up against the edge where the original lashes start. Remember, you’re not gluing lashes to lashes. You’re gluing the new lashes to the eyelid, but right at the edge.

If you prefer a full side-to-side lash effect, like the doll below for example, you can glue the eyelash strip to the top edge of the eye cavity, attaching it to the doll's vinyl instead of the eye itself. The lashes won't open and close with the eyes, but you get a really pretty full length appearance when the eyes are open.

You can technically replace your doll’s original sleep-eye lashes with our BC lashes — and it will look beautiful! — but that is a lot more work. It involves removing the doll eyes, taking the pieces apart, loosening the eyelash glue from the back with non-acetone nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol (being very careful not to get it anywhere else on the eye), removing the lashes and then gluing the new ones in place.