Our Standard Blinking Doll Eyes are a great option for budget-conscious doll projects! We have a wide variety of colors available. These eyes will fit most 18" vinyl dolls including American Girl, Gotz, Our Generation and other popular brand dolls, but the cases are deeper shaped than other types of blinking eyes so they need to be inserted slightly differently (see our tutorial for instruction).

The quality is fairly nice for acrylic blinking eyes. They won't compare in quality to our exclusive Infinity™ Premium Doll Eyes with glass irises, but they offer an affordable option that functions well. The colors are very pretty and there is a nice variety to match any project.

These eyes are not custom made for Beautifully Custom. They are designed by companies in China for mass production worldwide. We offer them for a lower price than other retailers in the USA.

Please note that these eyes are not sorted for imperfects. There may be small cosmetic flaws on Standard Eyes from regular factory manufacturing. Please remember, lesser quality allows for the cheaper price. (If you want truly high quality eyes, please shop our Infinity™ Premium Doll Eyes). Tiny flaws, if present, will not affect the blinking function of the eyes. Please note that all products are sold as is, final sale. We do not accept returns or exchanges.