Baby Blue - Standard Blinking Doll Eyes (Very Pale Eyelids)

Color: A frosty pastel blue.

Irises: Acrylic irises. 

Eyelids: These eyes have very pale peach skin eyelids, a little more light toned than  AG light skin vinyl. If you want to match a different skin tone or add eye-shadow coloring, simply apply thin coats of acrylic paint (thinned with water) and seal it with a clear varnish.

Eyelashes: Curled-style lightweight eyelashes in brown-black.

Eyeball: Soft white, acrylic.

Movement: These are open/close, blinking doll eyes, which rotate in their case (included) so your doll can appear to sleep when lying down. You can also use them as stationary eyes if preferred, for many types of dolls, without the case.

Size: These eyes are designed specifically for 18" dolls (such as American Girl, Gotz, Our Generation, etc). 

Installation: Installing these eyes requires a slightly different method than our Premium Eyes. Since these eyes have a very DEEP shape, insert them facing OUT from the doll, as if the doll is looking away from herself, instead of facing downwards with eyes staring at her feet. Wearing a glove is helpful since you will be pushing on the open edges of the metal case to insert them this way. See our full eye-swap tutorial for all the steps!


A Note on Quality:

Our Standard Blinking Doll Eyes are a great option for budget-conscious doll projects! The quality is fairly nice for acrylic blinking eyes. They won't compare to our custom hand-designed Premium Doll Eyes with glass irises, which are much higher quality in every aspect, but the Standard Eyes offer an affordable option that functions well. 

Please note that these eyes are not sorted for imperfections. There may be small cosmetic flaws on Standard Eyes from factory manufacturing. Remember, lesser quality allows for the cheaper price. (If you want truly high quality eyes, please shop our Premium Doll Eyes). Tiny flaws, if present, will not affect the blinking function of the eyes but may affect the appearance of the eyelids, eyelashes, eyeball, iris or case, upon close inspection.


All products are sold as is, final sale. We do not accept returns or exchanges. 


Includes one pair of doll eyes. No dolls, clothing, or other items included.


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