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Slightly irregular products at discounted prices!

Second quality products are slightly irregular items with some small flaws. Since our products are intricately handmade, sometimes a wig or eye might have a mishap or two when they are made. While no handmade products can be completely perfect, we set aside any with more noticeable imperfections than normal. Seconds quality products will have some small various flaws but are still very beautiful and quite useable! Most flaws are pretty minor, some you may not even notice unless you look for it. These products are offered with minimal packaging at greatly reduced prices. Seconds products are sold grab bag style; we are not able to list individual flaws.

Specific to wigs: Most could be used "as is" if you are not picky. Some may need a simple fix, like stitching down the end of a loose weft for example.

Specific to open/close eyes: Second quality eyes are fully functional (they open/close just fine) with cosmetic flaws only.

Please note that seconds are are sold as is (flawed/irregular). No exchanges, returns or refunds are accepted on second quality products. All sale orders are final and cannot be altered or cancelled after they are placed.