Reflective Eyes for Smart Doll & BJD

Our handcrafted BJD eyes feature reflective GLASS irises just like our Infinity™ Blinking Doll Eyes (but in stationary non-moving form). The glass irises are specially designed and sized to look beautiful in Smart Dolls and similar SD BJD. These eyes have hemisphere-shaped, domed bases and can be attached inside your BJD's head with putty or clay.

Specially sized for Smart Dolls and similar SD BJD! They will also fit other types of dolls as well. Please remember that since BJD don't have enclosed eye sockets, the iris size is the most important part of measuring what size eye will fit your doll. The eyeball size is not important, as long as it can fit inside your doll's head and it's at least large enough to cover the opening of your doll's eyes. You only need to make sure the iris is the correct size and will look right in your doll. Measure his or her eyes from top to bottom; the iris should be at least this size, and can be a little larger too. You just don't want it to be smaller because that will leave too much white space around the iris and your doll will end up with a very startled, unnatural look. Please click on each listing for measurements before ordering.

Each design is artist crafted, exclusively ours, digitally designed here in the USA and assembled by hand. You won't find these exact eyes anywhere else.

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