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Our exclusive premium open/close sleep doll eyes are designed specifically for 18" dolls with shallow eye sockets (like American Girl dolls). They are uniquely slim-sized for easy installation, with extra wide irises for a lovely gentle doe-eyed appearance. The eyelids are perfectly toned to match light skin AG dolls and can be painted to match any other skin tone. The eyelashes are great quality and very durable, and just the right length--not too long, not too short--for that sweet and pretty look we are all used to. PLUS you can add our deluxe eyelashes (sold separately) to enhance your doll's lashes even more.

Our new premium eyes feature even more detailed lifelike color patterns and special reflective lenses that give a natural glow and soften your doll's whole face. They are sooo beautiful.

These eyes are our own original size and creation, custom crafted and available only at Beautifully Custom.

NEW COLORS are released every Friday in limited quantities. Join our Facebook group for previews and early access each week! 

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