Doll Wigs

Our doll wigs are handmade, using luxury quality hair fibers that are very fine and perfectly scaled for dolls of all sizes, stretchy wig caps, beautifully sewn parts (we try to avoid the odd looking faux-skin parts), and lifelike colors that gleam with natural highlights in the sun.

DELUXE WIGS: Super silky soft, ultra tangle resistant, made from custom manufactured fiber. These are a step above the heat tolerant doll wigs found everywhere else; we are the only doll wig brand that uses this type of hair fiber. It looks just like real hair and has so much depth and natural highlights. Heat tolerant for styling tools up to 400°F so you can restyle again and again with curls or smooth out straight in seconds. (Remember: Heat relaxes and straightens the fiber, cooling sets it in place). Made by Beautifully Custom.

PERFECT STYLE WIGS: Glossy, shiny, poseable hair, made from the exact same hair fiber that many high-end doll brands use including American Girl and Ruby Red Fashion Friends. The poseable fiber makes these wigs excellent for braiding and fancy hairstyles, and for photo shoots. These are full, but lightweight wigs, giving a natural and realistic appearance on the dolls. Not heat tolerant but you can still curl, straighten, or otherwise mold the hair by misting with warm water and leaving it to dry in the position you want it or by hot water dunking. Made by Ruby Red Galleria exclusively for Beautifully Custom.

Our wigs have SNUG FIT with STRETCHY CAP. Please see our tutorial for how to place the wig on your doll's head! They will not fit loosely or go on easy like a hat! They must be stretched tight over the doll's head and pulled until they meet the hairline.

Two wig sizes available! Please measure your doll first! Size 11.5" fits head measurement of about 11-12 inches, including 18" tall play dolls like American Girl, Our Generation, Gotz. Size 8" fits head measurement of about 8-9 inches, including Smart Dolls (perfect fit!), many types of BJD, and at max stretch they can fit 14" tall play dolls like Wellie Wishers, Glitter Girls, Hearts for Hearts, and Ruby Red Fashion Friends.