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Painting blinking doll eyes has NEVER been this easy!! 

NEW! Your choice of three blank paintable iris styles! Simply paint the backs of the irises, adding any embellishments you'd like, and snap or glue them into place on the base eyes.

The crystal clear domed irises create a realistic effect. Choose from black or paintable transparent inset Perfect Pupils™ for a 3D effect, with perfectly rounded, centered and shaped pupils! The Perfect Pupils™ really make creating your own doll eyes SO MUCH EASIER! Alternatively, if you want to create eyes with different pupil styles (like long  narrow pupils for cat/dragon, heart shape pupils, extra wide pupils, confetti glitter pupils, or no pupils) you can opt for the completely blank irises with no inset pupils.

Use any acrylic paint colors, add metallic for a pearl appearance or use glitter or nail art decals! The possibilities are endless! Tip: Only use very thin paint/embellishments so the thickness of the iris does not prevent the eye's blinking movement.

Choose from our Infinity base eyes to pair with the blank irises. We offer 3 different skin tone options, 3 different eyelash options, and they ALL have the beautiful extra long, durable eyelashes that can be curled, feathered and trimmed to your liking!

See our TUTORIALS for instructions on iris painting, eye swapping, and and eyelash curling!

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