One of a kind eyes for your uniquely beautiful, one of a kind doll!

Our handcrafted One of a Kind 3D Infinity™ Premium Blinking Doll Eyes are perfect for really special doll projects where uniqueness and rarity are desired. Specially crafted by hand with tiny details like metallic pearl shimmer effects, printed decals and 3D glitter, each pair of eyes in this Artist Designed Series has a beautiful and completely unique design.

Each design is artist crafted, based on the moment's inspiration, on-hand materials and creative color blending. These designs are truly "one of a kind" and they cannot and will not be reproduced in the exact combination again.

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE PURCHASE: Since these eyes are crafted individually by hand, small imperfections are normal and are considered unique attributes that add to their beauty. Every pair will have its own birth marks. Please do not buy these eyes if you are looking for flawless perfection.

See our TUTORIALS for instructions on eye swapping and and eyelash curling!

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