Glass Blinking Doll Eyes (Removable Iris)

One pair of eyes. Infinite possibilities.

Our deluxe two-piece eye system is amazing! Simply install the blank Infinity™ base blinking eyes in your doll, then stick on your choice of adhesive iris pieces. You can leave them in or swap the iris eye color in seconds! Watch the video to see them in action!

To get started, choose your base blinking eyes. Select from different eyelid and eyelash colors to match your doll’s skin and hair perfectly. The extra long eyelashes can be curled, feathered or trimmed!

Next, select one or more pairs of adhesive glass stick-on irises. With very careful handling, the irises can be used again and again; or they may be left in for permanent eye color. The adhesive irises fit very securely and can also be made non-removable by adding a teeny-tiny dot of thin super glue. They are truly the most versatile blinking doll eyes ever! 

Check out our TUTORIALS to see how you can eye-swap your doll, change out the irises, and curl her eyelashes!

New colors are released almost every Friday!

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