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Ebony Black - Limited Edition Deluxe Ethereal Wig (Size 11)

Size 11 will fit most dolls measuring 11-12 inches around the hairline circumference, including most 18" tall dolls.

Introducing our limited edition Ethereal style! This style is a really full, naturally curly style with a LOT of volume but very little weight!

Subtle bangs can be styled any way you like, parted in the middle or swept to the side or hidden altogether by styling into the longer hair.

This wig style has NO PART which means that you can part it wherever you like or not at all. This unique feature means the wefts are sewn spiral style around the whole wig, allowing for more versatility than any other type of weft pattern! 

Please note that since this is a wig with no part, it is possible the base of the wefts or wig cap will be visible depending on how it is styled. This is completely normal and considered part of the style. The wig cap is made to match the hair color so it is not a striking difference but we wanted to note it because some customizers may not be accustomed to this type of wig.

Care of this wig style is simple! Do not brush or comb! Only use your fingers to finger brush through it. You may mist with water and finger curl if desired, but it is very beautiful left natural, wild, untamed.

Our Deluxe wigs are the finest luxury line of doll wigs in the world. Made from the very highest quality custom kanekalon fiber, unmatched by competitors in appearance, feel and durability. This fiber can be heat styled up to 350°F. See our wig tutorial to learn how!

Designed for both play and collector quality dolls.

This wig is our own exclusive design, available only at Beautifully Custom.

Includes one doll wig. No dolls, clothing, or other items included.