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Mermaid Sparkle - *GLITTER* Gabby Style Co-op Wig (Size 11)

In Stock Now
In Stock Now

Presented to you by our exclusive Doll Wig Co-op (DWC), this wig features:

Bright apple red with red glitter! Perfect color for character dolls like your favorite mermaid princess!

Special edition wig features glittery red SPARKLE fiber throughout! It gleams, it glows... it shimmers and shines! 

Beautiful layered cut with gentle curls. Easy to brush through, very simple to maintain!

Side part can be placed as is, or in the middle or slightly to the other side of the doll's face. Part is made using a flesh plate, as opposed to a sewn part.

Soft silky hair, tangle-resistant.

Size 11 will fit most dolls measuring 11-12 inches around the hairline circumference, including most 18" tall dolls.

Safe for heat styling up to 300°F (technically higher but 300°F works well so that's what we recommend). See our wig tutorial to learn how!

Designed for both play and collector quality dolls.


IMPORTANT: Please read the full details of Doll Wig Co-op before ordering. These products are offered at wholesale prices to benefit our doll customizing community, are not sorted for first/second quality, are shipped with no extra packaging or frills, are final sale, with no cancellations or returns accepted.

Includes one doll wig. No dolls, clothing, or other items included.