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Paint Your Own Blank Premium Open/Close Doll Eyes

Paint Your Own! Now you can create Beautifully Custom premium eyes in any color or pattern you wish! Use natural colors, fantasy colors, add shimmer or glitter or tiny details! See our tutorial to learn how.

INCLUDES optional glue-on pupils to make it easier to get a more even size/shape with both eyes. Or you can do without the glue-ons and paint any size, shape or colored pupil, or go more of a BJD style and do no pupils if you prefer!

Featuring new LUXE eyelashes which are our same high quality attached lashes in a NEW extra long length that looks so pretty in the dolls! Easy length to curl or ruffle with a heated pair of tweezers for an even more beautiful look!

Special reflective GLASS irises give a natural glow, adding depth to the eyes, softening your doll's whole face.

Designed specifically for 18" dolls with shallow eye sockets (like American Girl dolls). Uniquely slim-sized for easy installation! See our eye-swap tutorial to learn how.

Extra wide irises provide a lovely, gentle doe-eyed appearance.

Eyelids are perfectly toned to match light skin AG dolls and can be painted to match any other skin tone.

Custom crafted and available only at Beautifully Custom.

Includes one pair of doll eyes. No dolls, wigs, eyelashes, clothing, or other items included.