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Our exclusive Premium Blinking Doll Eyes are handmade using the very highest quality materials. Our own invention and available only at Beautifully Custom, our Premium Eyes feature special dome-shaped irises custom made from glass and hand-designed color patterns. These unique glass irises give the eyes a realistic appearance with a natural glow and reflective depth that can't be achieved with standard plastic irises. The eyeball is made of high quality acrylic in a natural shade of off-white (not bright fake white), and rotates to perfection in its gentle blinking movement. The eyelashes are just the right length, not too long but not too short, with the same thickness and durability you are accustomed to with high quality dolls and their original eyes (like AG). The eyelids are intricately matched for just the right color, with high quality scratch-resistant paint. The shape and size of our eyes was custom developed over a year of trial and error, with a custom mold all our own, to ensure the very easiest insertion process possible for eye-swaps by hand (see our tutorial to learn how to do it). These eyes are custom tailored especially to fit 18" dolls with shallow eye sockets (like American Girl), and can be padded to fit 18" dolls with deeper eye sockets as well (like Gotz, Our Generation, etc). 

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