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Beautiful deluxe doll eyelashes! Pair these glue-on lashes with any inset or open/close eyes. See our tutorials to learn how!

Incredibly realistic design, high quality material, custom made and cut for Beautifully Custom.

Our one-size lashes are totally versatile and can fit many, many different types of dolls. They are the perfect fit as-is to use for your American Girl or similar 18″ dolls, or can be cut to size at the base of the eyelash strip for smaller dolls like Wellie Wishers, Hearts for Hearts, Glitter Girls and more. You can use them on almost all ball-jointed dolls (all the way up to SD size) or reborn dolls too!

Our Bold & Beautiful styles are extra long, dark and full. If you want a slightly lighter and shorter lash style (great for smaller dolls or a very light subtle appearance on larger ones), you will love our Petite & Pretty styles.