Our shop will be closed February - March 2020.

We are excited to offer one-of-a-kind beautifully customized dolls, hand-painted by doll artist Ashlyn Crowsey. She is the owner of Beautifully Custom and has been specializing in professional doll artistry and customizing for 4 years.

There are two options for custom dolls: Send your own doll in for a face-up (when slots are available), or purchase a doll already customized (when available) here in our shop.

Send your own doll in: Ashlyn is offering artist's choice face-ups for vinyl dolls. For this option, you will ship your own doll to us. Most or all of the original factory paint will be removed, and Ashlyn will give the doll a makeover using high quality art materials. "Artist's choice" means that you may choose from limited options like girl or boy, natural or fantasy colors, but the specific features beyond that will be based on Ashlyn's own creative inspiration. Your doll will return home with a new high quality neck string (if needed) and a signed certificate of authenticity.

Pre-customized dolls: Each doll is uniquely modified and customized from a preexisting doll (such as an American Girl doll), carefully repainted with a new face-up, and often rewigged, redressed and accessorized to create an entirely new complete doll and work of art. Occasionally repainted doll heads will be offered by themselves so you can take it from there and customize it with the wig(s), body and outfits of your choice, giving you a more affordable and versatile custom doll option. These dolls come with a signed certificate of authenticity.

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