Glowing Stones - Premium Blinking Doll Eyes (Retired Version)

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Custom crafted and available only at Beautifully Custom.

Irises: Featuring our exclusive dome-shaped irises custom made from glass and hand-designed color patterns. These unique glass irises give the eyes a realistic appearance with a natural glow and reflective depth that can't be achieved with standard plastic irises. The iris colors are absolutely 100% our exclusives and are designed in house, here in the USA. 

Eyelids: The eyelids are intricately matched for just the right color, to pair with light skin AG dolls and similar, with high quality scratch-resistant paint. If you wish to match a different skin tone or add eye-shadow coloring, simply apply thin coats of acrylic paint (thinned with water) and seal it with a clear varnish.

Eyelashes: High quality attached eyelashes in brown-black color. Very durable, slightly feathered/varied, and just the right length--not too long, not too short--for that sweet and pretty look we are all used to. Additional feathering and curling can be achieved after installation by using a heated pair of tweezers and curling sections of the eyelashes up and out... this really adds a lot to the beauty of the eyes!

Eyeball: The eyeball is made of high quality acrylic in a natural shade of off-white (not bright fake white) for a more realistic appearance. 

Movement: These are open/close, blinking doll eyes, which rotate in their case (included) so your doll can appear to sleep when lying down. They rotate so smoothly! You can also use them as stationary eyes if preferred, for many types of dolls, without the case.

Size: These eyes are designed specifically for 18" dolls with shallow eye sockets (like American Girl dolls), but can be padded in the back of the eye socket to be used in many types of 18" dolls (Gotz, Our Generation, etc). The cases are uniquely slim-sized for easy installation! See our tutorial to learn how. 

Includes one pair of doll eyes. No dolls, wigs, eyelashes, clothing, or other items included. 

Note iris color patterns may vary in position but all eyes are individually paired to match each other very well. Color shades may vary slightly from photo but are represented the best we can.

All products are final sale, no returns accepted.

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